Garden Party Collective website

Garden Party Collective is made of writers who want to create a space that treats publishing as an invitation. Not only do we want to support the growth and development of authors, but we aim to honor the process with collaboration in each stage—from seedling to germination to full bloom—and everything in between.

We hope to grow the party by inviting authors to join the Collective after their publication so they can nurture the future cohort of authors. As the Collective grows, we know some things will change, but collaboration and generosity will always be at our core.

Values that will guide us from the outset:

  • an emphasis on new writers without published collections

  • a preference for underrepresented narratives and styles

  • open to all genres and forms, but looking for work with risk and urgency

  • no submissions fees

  • close mentorship from collective members

  • transparency and involvement in every aspect of their publication journey and book design

  • ongoing optional involvement in the collective for future projects and the chance to pick the new generation of voices